• Physical Analysis Laboratory

    In our laboratory, with the application of current technology instead of classical methods, the investment for technological equipment, which provides the acquisition and time-saving of sensitive results, is ensured.

  • Molecular Biology Analysis Laboratory

    The entrance to the Molecular Biology Laboratory is through a combination of coded gates, and the Agilent AriaMx Device, which performs GMO Screening and Species Analysis within the scope of analysis and confidentiality of information, is carried out in a very sensitive manner.

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory

    The Chemical Analysis Laboratory aims to leave behind many traditional chemical analysis laboratories with technological differences in time management, fast and accurate results.

  • Additive Mycotoxin Analysis

    Thanks to GERSTEL MULTI PURPOSE SAMPLER, by multifunctional sample preparation robot in our laboratory, it is ensured that the analyst’s uncertainties are minimized and the analysis period is shortened.

  • Microbiology Analysis Laboratory

    Many specialized instruments for analysis are available in our laboratory and the dilutions of specimens are prepared in the automated system, minimizing uncertainty of arising from the analyst.

  • Residue Dioxin Mineral Analysis Laboratory

    Pesticides are all chemical or biological products that can be used to remove or destroy microorganisms and pests that damage food during the production, consumption and storage of foodstuffs and to regulate the growth of plants.


Lotuslab Analysis Food Laboratory

Our Laboratories

Physical Analysis 100%
Chemical Analysis 100%
Microbiology Analysis 100%
Additive Mycotoxin Analysis 100%
Molecular Biology Analysis 100%
Residue Dioxin Mineral Analysis 100%

Lotuslab Analysis Laboratories

Lotuslab consisted of six different main units, independent of each other, established on a total of 1000 m2 area in Bahçeşehir/Bahçecity campus. Lotuslab has designed its infrastructural applications to comply with all laws and regulations, according to the standard of the ISO 17025, in line with the workflows and current requirements of its units.

Lotuslab has carried out investment planning according to the most up-to-date technological devices and equipment, information technology and security that will impact analysis service quality and continuity. Lotuslab continues to strengthen its structure with its experienced management staff and young generation team and support its project with its suppliers and solution partners.

Laboratory Units

  • Physical Analysis Laboratory
  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory
  • Residue Dioxin Mineral Analysis Laboratory
  • Additive Mycotoxin Analysis Laboratory
  • Microbiology Analysis Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology Analysis Laboratory
  • Sample Receiving and Reporting

Management Units

  • IT Department
  • Quality Management Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Business Development and Marketing Department